Roles Of Teachers Essay

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Teachers play a vital role in the society. Their impacts are felt by the lives of all children from different backgrounds, including those children with varying levels of understanding, abilities and those from families that exhibit wide range of cultural and linguistic diversity. Teachers are educators or instructors saddled with the responsibility of educating children by grooming and helping them to discover their talents (Rahman, Nabi, Akhter, Saeed & Ajmal, 2011). According to them, teachers have long-lasting impacts on the lives of students who live to enjoy the knowledge they avail to them. They have good classroom management skills, ensure good student behaviour, effective study and work habit (Tehseen, 2015). According to Adebomi, Olunfunke, Ibitoye and Oluyemisi (2012), Although recruited mainly to teach, teachers are engaged in a wide variety of jobs along with the basic face-to-face teaching, such as curriculum design and development, school planning, marketing, community relations, information technology, workplace, health and safety, resource management, students’ welfare, as well as playground and …show more content…

Hanushek (2007) reported a high turnover of teachers across the globe. In 2015, Omonijo, Oludayo, Eche, Uche and Ohunakin reported that despite the large body of literature on turnover, Nigerian education system still experiences situation of voluntary turnover of staff. A record obtained from ministry of education Zaria in 2016 showed that for the last six years teachers of public secondary schools in Zaria metropolis have been quitting their job

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