Is Technology Responsible For Human Progress?

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Humanity tends to group progress into ages. Examples such as the stone age, bronze age, iron age, and now the silicon age all define the discovery and implementation of new technology into general life. I myself was born into an era where the smartphone and personal computers play a crucial role in everyday life. From as far back as I can remember, getting a cellphone was a day I always looked forward to, and now that I own one, it is involved in a vast amount of may daily interactions. Saying we are over dependent on technology, is implying that humans do not need technology to survive. Technology does not just include or refer to computers and cell phones, technology encompasses the innovation and discovery of ways to do things more efficiently,…show more content…
Technology is the driving force of human advancement, and with every new discovery or idea, technology gets better and better. In an article called iNeed?, Lev Grossman sums up how progress is viewed, he said, “Technological progress tends to feel incremental” (40). He is completely correct as we do not progress in massive leaps, but small steps. We started out as simple hunter-gatherers, but the invention of new technology allowed society to develop. Domestication, for instance, allowed people to form the roots towns and cities, which then allowed for time to develop more technology. The discovery of iron, and the technology to use it, allowed man to build better homes, larger cities, and stronger tools. In today’s context the pinnacle of technology is computation, things like cell phones, computers, televisions all play a significant role in our everyday lives. An example of why technology is a part of our lives is described by Rana Forroohar’s article for Time Magazine which notes, “Large companies invested heavily in technology that increased efficiency and productivity, eventually creating entirely new areas of business and boosting employment growth” (12). Without technology, humanity would not have the ability to advance in the same way, as it has a major impact on society. Items such as Computers are simply tools in the process of advancing technology. We are not over dependent on tech, we are incorporating it into our lives, and this allows for the next stage in technological progress. With the availability of knowledge and ease of communication, tech is the tool that brings together the ideas that could possibly shape what the future looks
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