Technology In The Classroom Analysis

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Technology is the core of the 21st century, it is used to work at home and in most schools. Most schools are very technologically advanced, for example, they allow their students to use their devices in the classroom, and for some reason, the student does not have a device the school will provide a Chromebook for them. These schools also have online textbooks and assign classwork and homework through Google Classroom, which the students can access in class and do not have to wait until they get home to start their work and can do it while still at school. With so many other schools converting to the digital era that is the 21st century should not New Life also have more technology in their classrooms. There are many ways that students bringing their own …show more content…

With all the websites, apps, and software that can be used by the students, it eliminates the passive learning model and makes the students become more interactive with the class. With the introduction of technology into the class the active learning model becomes a visible and an interactive element that all students benefit from because the learning experience becomes personalized because all the students learn at their own pace and some sites and apps can be tailored to the student and makes the experience more enjoyable by adding things the student likes, such as TV shows or movies. With the integration of devices and more technology in the classroom the students passive listening is left behind and now they have to pay more attention and be more interactive, one because they have a device in front of them and two because the software, apps, and websites are interactive and the student can not just sit there they have to interact with it otherwise they will get left behind and may miss something and then they could lose points on an assignment in

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