Ted Bundy Psychological Analysis

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Ted Bundy is another famous sociopath. He was executed in 1989, but before his execution he admitted to killing at least 30 young women. “From birth Bundy was already in a category in which the FBI survey found 43 percent of sexual and serial killers: he had only one parent” (twisted minds). His early years were a little complicated because he kept changing his story. His mother left him in behind after he was born and he fell in love with a woman who left him as well. It was reported that his victims had a striking resemblance to her. His grandfather pretended to adopt him as his son raised him as his own. He also had his mother, Louise, pretend to be his sister and later he found out she was his mother. His grandfather was reported to have a volatile …show more content…

It was said that his girlfriend broke up with him because she though he was immature, childish, and didn’t like how manipulative he was. His strongest trait of being a sociopath was manipulation. Since he had been lied to by women his whole life he lost respect for them and started to see them more as objects than human beings. When he realized that he could no longer put on a show, he let his dark side take over. How was he able to manipulate so many people? He was an intelligent and good looking man, nothing about him made him seem like a monster. He would lure people into his car with charm and kidnap, sexually assault and kill his victims. Jeffrey Dahmer was a convicted sex offender and serial killer who murdered seventeen men and boys from 1978 to 1991. He was sentenced to sixteen life terms in prison on February 15, 1992. He was killed by an inmate in 1994. Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1960. He was an average little boy until he was diagnosed with a double hernia and rushed to surgery. After his surgery, his behavior changed and he was more troubled. It is thought that the surgery traumatized him. His father worked all day and he was left with his mother all day and every little

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