A Teenager Should Not Have A Job In High School Essay

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As time goes by, babies grow up to become adults. Adults grow up to become elderly. Along the way, some adults become parents, and becoming a parent includes becoming responsible and making decisions. Decisions are made on how the parent feels about the topic. A topic can be as simple as letting a child play a sport. Some parents may believe a child playing a sport is a good decision because it would allow their child to interact with others and the child will become active; however, other parents may believe a child playing a sport is a bad decision because the child would be at risk of getting injured. Another good topic is whether or not a teenager should have a job in high school. I believe a teenager should not have a job in high school because the child should put their focus on studies, enjoying the young life, and being involved in other activities. To begin with, a teenager in high school should be focused on their studies before anything else. School is important for the future. School educates children for the life ahead. Most jobs require at least a high school diploma, so doing well in school is important to get a decent job. If a teenager is working a job, the job is taking away from the child’s …show more content…

Being a teenager only happens once in a person’s lifetime. A person will have to work a job from adulthood until retirement in order to provide a life for themselves and their families. A teenager should not have to take on the responsibilities of a job until they must. A job requires time, commitment, and hard work. A teenager should put that time, commitment, and hard work into other aspects in their lives. A teenager has their whole lives to work ahead of them after high school. Overall, I believe a teenager should not have to work until they are out of high

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