Tesla Case Analysis

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1.1. Structure and aim: This assignment will focus on the Tesla’s ability to be innovative thinkers and the tools that they possess as a company in order to achieve the goals set out which is to promote the electric car to be the car of choice in the near future and by doing so we as humanity contribute to a more sustainable environment and future for generations to come. 2. Preconditions that contribute towards strategic change Definition: A condition that must be fulfilled before other things can happen or be done. Available from: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/precondition. [ Accessed: 10 August 2015] Preconditions that contribute towards strategic change will vary from one organization to another, depending on the…show more content…
3.2. Example 1 - FNB FNB scoops global banking award Cape Town - First National Bank on Tuesday won the Most Innovative Bank of the Year Award at a prestigious award ceremony in Washington DC honouring the most innovative banks in the world. The 2012 BAI - Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards is a joint programme between BAI and Finacle Infosys. It recognises and supports breakthrough innovation in the global retail banking industry which positively impacts banks and their customers. FNB, a division of FirstRand [JSE:FSR], received the award for its culture of innovation and advancement of retail banking. "Business units within FNB are empowered to innovate through leadership buy-in and advocacy," said BAI in a statement posted on equities.com. As one can see from the article above that FNB was awarded the most innovative bank in the world because of their forward thinking. They simplified the banking experience and made their systems user friendly giving customers a number of options at their own…show more content…
They put measures in place to in order to protect the business or to align the business with future trends this enables the business to be current, profitable and adaptable. These type of leaders invest resources in projects that will give them better insight into market trends, customer expectations and the competitive environment. They always use the method of employee recognition programmes to generate new ideas and encourage employee participation. Positive findings is then introduced into the business and communicated to the team in order to enhance productivity. ( Venter et al., p207) 4.2 Strategic leaders are evidence-based and research led Strategic leaders based their decisions on data collected via various research methods. Evidence-based practice means that strategic leaders collect and examine data on a continuous basis in order to make appropriate decisions. ensure that every learner is achieving improved outcomes. It is about obtaining strategic data from the social, technological, educational, economic and political environment; analysing, interpreting and integrating that data

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