The Success Of The Beatles In The 1960's

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The Beatles were a British rock and roll group in the 1960's they have been called the most

influential rock group ever. The members of the band were John Lennon on rhythm guitar, Paul

McCartney on bass, George Harrison on lead guitar and Ringo Starr on drums. The Beatles formed in

Liverpool, England in the early 1960's. After an impressive decade The Beatles broke up and they all

found success in their solo careers. The Beatles break up was part of many problems but the main

problem was that they were no longer enjoying being The Beatles. Although The Beatles were very

well known they never really worked with any other artists at least not on their songs. However during

their first few albums such as Please Please Me and With The Beatles they included a few cover songs
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Throughout their career they made many albums including the highly praised albums Sgt. Pepper

Lonely Harts Club Band and Abby Road. Since The Beatles first album in the early 1960's they have

sold hundreds of millions of albums. The album I have chosen for this album review is their 1965 hit

album Help!

Help! was the fifth Beatles album released. The album was produced by George Martin a man

who would guide the four Beatles throughout their career and would sometimes play an instrument

on Beatles albums. The album was released in 1965 and is one of The Beatles best known album from

their early time period. One can simply tell that the album was written during the early Beatles period

because the songs on the album are very simplistic. However that is not to say The Beatles first albums

were not in any way great pieces of work but just rather not as experimental as the music they

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