The Benefits Of Coffee

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Mother nature has created wonders for us to explore and enjoy its fruits and flavours. Coffee is one such gift from nature to us. Here we explained super benefits of coffee as well as its deadly harmful effects.

History of Coffee

Coffee plants were first used in the 15th century around the regions of Yemen in Africa.
Later the Coffee plants travelled a long way from Africa to many parts of the world.
Coffee is now the most popular beverage in the world and especially with the people of America.
India is the 6th largest producer of Coffee in the world.
Why are we speaking about Coffee history and facts now? Because it is very important for us to know about benefits of Coffee. Coffee has shown some extreme popular benefits to a human body.

Health Tip: Researchers suggest that an average human can consume about 3 - 4 cups of coffee per day to stay healthy and fit.

Here are popular benefits of Coffee you must notice to motivate yourself to have a cup of Coffee every day.

Benefits of Coffee

1. Brain Functioning

Coffee consists of caffeine. Caffeine plays a very important role in enhancing brain functioning.

How Coffee Works?

Here, we are going to learn a little science beyond the importance of Coffee intake in our routine daily life.

Our brain develops a neurotransmitter called Adenosine which influences our attention, alertness and sleep.
When caffeine hits the brain it overpowers the Adenosine for few hours and keeps us active for a long time. (Here, Adenosine acts

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