The Causes And Effects Of Depression: Addiction To Depression

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Addiction to Depression
Addiction is not an uncommon illness. In most cases, addiction is caused by drugs, sugar, or other substances that give the user temporary euphoria. That, however, is not always the case. For the severely depressed, their own sadness can become an addiction for them. Even if presented with a chance at happiness, they will reject it, mostly out of fear of the unfamiliar. Those who suffer from this addiction are unable to stop it due to their dependence, familiarity, and fear of embarrassment. They care for it and love it like dogs, even though those dogs often are mentally and physically killing their owners(Steph Par. 1). Most people think that depression would never affect them, but the sad truth is that any person, no matter their emotional state, can become as addicted to depression as they could to drugs. …show more content…

It brings a sad comfort to them, knowing that their world is always going to be a dull gray opposed to their friends’ radiant glow. The thoughts that accompany misery and sadness are, to some, a coping mechanism for their own unhappiness, as stated by Lucida: “The negative patterns of thought associated with depression can become like an unhealthy coping mechanism, much like drugs and alcohol are for addicts”( Is Depression Addictive Par. 1). As the old saying goes, fight fire with fire, or, for the depressed, fight tears with tears. This, however, is not the only strange and addicting symptoms of depression, as familiarity is a crucial part of addiction, as well as

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