The Colonists During The American Revolution

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The American Revolution lasted from 1765 to 1783. This war was fought between the British and American Colonists due to the colonist’s desire to separate from the British. The devastating war was brutally bloody for both the Colonists and the British. The American Colonists were able to defeat the militarily stronger British by utilizing the hatred between the British and the French, having a stronger general, and using their knowledge of their homeland to fight against the British. First of all, the colonists were smart enough to use the animosity between the British and French for their own benefit. Since the long time rivalry between France and England was amplified due to the victory in the favor of the British from the French and Indian War, the French was joyful in having another chance to weaken the British. The colonists asked for help from the French, who were more than happy to lend troops, funds, as well as provisions for the colonists in their endeavor against the British. The French Navy as well as army were able to reinforce the American Colonist’s rag tag militia. With the French’s help, the colonists were finally able to …show more content…

Washington was able to use his knowledge as well as his army’s knowledge of the land in order to outlast the British. Sir Clinton led his army on a wild goose chase after Washington, who was able to outmaneuver and shelter his army against Clinton’s. The Colonists were also able to utilize the British’s need for supply lines against them. The British were not able to spread as thinly as the Colonists, leading to abushes from Washington’s guerilla warfare. Also, since the Colonists were protecting their home from the British which was a greater motivation factor than the British’s will to expand. The American Spirit was able to transcend during the war since the Colonists were fighting for freedom as well as a

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