The Cost Of Police Brutality

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There is enough evidence to show that police officers are using an excess of force, and in some occasions lethal force in their daily routine. It is normal for people to get scared when they are in the presence of a police officer. It is not a casualty, it is because the history that is around police officers and the fame that they had created. Recent incidents involving police officers shooting innocent people are raising doubts about how police officers are trained, and the credibility in the Unites States System of Justice. Ginger Otis in Police Still ‘Have a License To Kill’, a Year After Eric Garner Was Choked to Death, Says His Mother, shows a lot of controversial cases such as Eric Garner case which was choked to death by a police officer …show more content…

Police brutality is causing economic issues all across the United States because of the high number of civil complaints and sues in the last recent years. Although it is true that the costs vary from place to place, it is still people that have to pay for the errors of others. The Cost of Police brutality is showing the great amount of money that is fluctuating in New York due to the excess force from police officers and each year the amount goes up compared to the last year. Although it mentioned just the case of Francis X. Luvoti, a police officer from Bronx, New York, it illustrates the exaggerate amount of money that these police officers are costing because of the bad decision and excess of force. In his case, it mentioned that officer Luvoti were indicted for criminally negligent homicide for choking to dead to Anthony Baez. Officer Luvoti Kill Mr. Baez because he hit his police car with a football, as a result Mr. Baez’s widow sued the city for the amount of thirteen million dollars. In addition, the investigation that the Department of Justice opened against officer Luvoti found that he was subject of a dozen brutality complaints including, slapping a twelve year old child. This suggests that police departments need to revise and change the procedures across the country “[b]ut brutality will only be stemmed when the department, from the top leadership down, shows a consistent determination to enforce its own disciplinary codes” (The Cost of Police Brutality, 1995). It is clear that police brutality is causing a lot of problems among community, and economic issues are exempt. Although is not the main reason why the prices are rising, brutality complaints and expenses of this nature are one of the factors that are affecting the rising of prices and tax charges. As everyone knows, all American

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