Reflection On Covey 7 Habits

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There will always need and change in management and organizational change in the real life situations. Based on the role play, the meeting board scenario will act out with the Covey 7 habits with the employees and leaders in the organization. The Covey 7 habits were proactive, begin with the end in mind, put things first, think win-win, seek first to understand then to be understood, synergize and the last one which is sharpen the saw. This reflective journal is about the organization and management change within the employees and leader by having Covey 7 habits. In this role play of Covey 7 habits, we acted out the meeting which is facing the two major problems which the company faces these issues. By learning Covey 7 habits, I realised that not only the organizational but also the people need the theory and practices even though they have an experience in the workplace. For example of our role play, at first, different departments of marketing and financing departments argued about the deflation and miscalculate of the report and the problem.…show more content…
Before learning of the Covey 7 habits, I didn’t know and utilize of these habits and I had a problem when I worked as an accountant in the real situation. After learning the Covey 7 habits, I really realised and utilise the first three habits first in the role play which helps to employees to take a responsible without waiting to someone to tell them to do the task. Moreover, I know that I should take a responsible for the task and admit the mistake if I do the information wrongly. In addition, both leader and employees focus on the important issues rather than the argument of the

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