The Economic Growth Of North And South America From 1800s To 1860

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The economic growth of North and South America from the 1800s to the 1860s differed in multiple ways. Various factors such as: culture, views toward slavery, population, agriculture, and industry greatly effected the separation of economic growth in America. As their conflicting opinions towards slavery grew stronger, the South continued to rely on agriculture; however, the North fulfilled their economic needs through industry. In spite of their differences, the North and South did have some similarities in their economic growth. One similarity the North and South had was the influence of Native Americans on their economic systems through trade. The North economically grew through industry and new technology created as a result of the northern …show more content…

In the North, the abolishment of slavery was not an immediate change, but over time the North found methods to replace slavery in a manner that would advance the state’s economic growth. As time went on, the North and South grew further apart economically and culturally. The South had so many slaves residing within its borders that slaves grew to make up one-third of the South’s population by 1860. Due to their increasing population, slaves greatly influenced the culture and religious beliefs in the South. People living in the North, had a slightly higher rate of going to school and getting a good education. While citizens living in the South more commonly consisted of slaves and farmers with lower education as a result of their time spent working the land, rather than in school. Each side wanted their own beliefs to become the law, yet neither wanted to compromise or find an approach to work things out …show more content…

Initiating a revolutionary change in colonial America, that would ultimately change America forever, those living in the North and the South separated into two contrasting communities. Although the North and South separation began because of their conflicting beliefs towards slavery, the separation resulted in various differences of opinions and lifestyles in the lives of the people residing in each region. Those differences affected more than just the way Americans in the North and the South lived, in addition, they set each economic system on a course leading in very opposite directions. Unfortunately, as history progressed, the differences between the North and the South resulted in battles full of loss and heartbreak. Yet those battles did not end in vain, after the many years of separation, the United States were restored to unity and the economy flourished free from

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