The Elements Of Pathos And Arguments

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At first, many advertisers are clear on their purpose, audience and argument. however, they will be taking more time to consider on the persona, because persona is the image of identity; who is talking makes the advertisement sounds credible. In order to maximize and achieve their goal at the most preferable outcome, they will always make full use of pathos and logos elements. For example: Royal Canin is the best dog food! The seller will decide the most preferable persona in their advertisement is a well-known vet. Because the persona’s expertise makes the pet owners to believe. In this event, advertiser or Royal Canin has successfully promote their dog food to have ethos by using the elements of logos and pathos. Next, please refer to below link for a commercial that I chose for my second example:…show more content…
They used pet owner and dog as the persona in the commercial. Also, in that commercial, it shown that a kid fed his dog with IAMS since it was a puppy until older. And later pet owner grew up and his dog was still with him. Advertiser’s purpose was obvious, they want to show and make their audience believe that their dog food keeps the pets’ life longer. By doing this, the advertiser has successfully evoked the feeling of pet owners- their love to their pet. Therefore, pet owners will buy their
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