The Humboldt Penguin: Zoo Animal Behavior

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<<Shiyuan V. Gong>> 9F - D Assessment Zoo Animal Behaviour Figure 1: The Humboldt Penguin D Assessment Zoo Animal Behaviour Scenario and Problem: Animals around the world are facing extinction at different rates. These are often the consequences of the rapid globalisation of the world. Therefore, preservation of those animals has been very vital for the existence of Planet Earth as it is vital for the eco system our fundamental survival is based on. To preserve animals which are beginning to become extinct, many animals have been held captivity to help conserve their existence. Animals in captivity and in the Wild have a great contrast in many different ways. These can be reflected in their daily behaviour in their captive or wild environment. The differences can vary from feeding behaviour to sleeping behaviour. Each criterion can prove to be vital to show the significant changes between both the wild and captivity. The research question my essay will be based on “Captive VS Wild Behaviour”. To research the captive behaviour of the Humboldt Penguin my partner Fabio Bernhard and I went to the Schoenbrunn Zoo to observe their behaviour. I will specifically research about the Humboldt Penguin. Background Information: The Humboldt Penguin is a very unique specie of penguin as it was named by the explorer Alexander von Humboldt. Its latin name is Spheniscus humboldti. These Penguins can be found in South America specifically, around the coasts of Chile and Peru. They
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