Tobacco Should Be Banned Essay

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Our world is becoming smaller due to globalization. Many firms these days are fulfilling domestic demand and as well as exporting products abroad. Markets are going cross-border, thus increasing the risk of surviving. Consumers are being offered humongous collection of almost identical items. To survive in this highly competitive market and to attract consumers to buy their products, creating a brand image through advertisement is of utmost significance. Therefore, it is often termed by many marketing specialists that “Branding is the most important aspect of a business”. Without branding, goods would not be able to stand-out as a distinct good in the mind of consumers. On the other hand, the advertisement ban of tobacco industry
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Because of all these health condition, people are being forced to take leave from their job and workplaces. Thus, the world is losing billions of dollar worth of production, and human intelligence and capability is being wasted away because of smoking related diseases.

Therefore, the ban on tobacco advertisement would undoubtedly decrease the rate of existing smokers and projected smokers as well, thus gradually decreasing the cost of health related expenditure of the economy. Moreover, this would decline the rate of absenteeism in workplaces, thus boosting production of the economy as well.
• Reduction of diseases relate to passive smoking. Many specialists consider passive smoking cause equal health hazard, if not more, than active smoking. Thus causing unwanted illness and sufferings. According to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) passive smoking also causes many types of cancers, sudden infant death syndrome, low birth weight, decreased lung function, miscarriage, asthma, breast cancer, stroke and so on7. Billions of dollars are being used for the treatment of these diseases every
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