The Importance Of Environmentalism

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According to Cohen (2001), in Western Europe the contemporary environmentalism can be traced to the 1960s and early 1970s. The growing about the impact of consumption and production pattern on the environment is often conceptualized within debates about the health effect caused by industrial pollutant or impact of economic and pollution growth. The rising of environmentalism can encourage consumers more wish to buying the green products and society also become more care about the environment (Bansal, 2005; Barnet, 2007).
2.1 Role of Green Product
There are some important roles that influence our society. Green consumers are tending to prevent the pollution of environment, so they would like buying natural cleaning products or pesticide-free …show more content…

This is because the firms and economies need green product to move rapidly towards a property environment. “End of pipe technology” is emphasizes where the firm are sensible to the ecological issues (Chen, 1994). The most powerful method to display environmental friendly technological development is the product designed to decrease the use of non-renewable resource, renewable resource, and avoiding toxic materials during its whole life-cycle (Chen, 2001).
After that, most of the firms understand about the laws and regulations about the types and amount of chemical substances into the process of green products. The firms can satisfy the consumers’ with the high quality green products with decreasing the unsafe risk to the environment (Tsai, Chuang, Chao, & Chang, 2012). The green purchase of consumers’ toward green products can influences by the price of green product, label of green product, and food safety concern (Bing, Chaipoopirutana, & Combs, 2011). Hence, green product is a important part in …show more content…

This study stated that there is more conflict than activity between the agreed on and green product development model if ignore the concept of green product (Pujari, D., Wright, G. & Peattie, K., 2003). Green product can give motivation of consumer intention toward purchase green product. This is because the design of green product influence consumers to purchase and affect green product development comes to successful. Conversely, the green product ignore will influences the behaviour purchasing power of consumer toward green product and green product development cannot be successful (Johansson, G.,

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