The Importance Of Grammar Teaching

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In view of academic and workplace situations, accuracy is a remarkable aspect that is considered important in spoken and written communication. Knowledge in grammar cannot be overlooked since it helps the learners to speak and write without grammatical errors. It is an undeniable fact that classroom teaching focusing on grammar lessons will be immensely useful for the learners to communicate their ideas free from grammatical errors. On account the usefulness of grammatical knowledge, the English syllabus for engineering students of Anna University includes many grammar items. Though teachers do not teach grammar lessons separately, they rely on integrated grammar lessons. It shows that grammar is an important component of classroom teaching at the tertiary level. The grammar lesson will be effective and productive when teachers make use of language games that have an inherent motivational element.

Views on Grammar Teaching

It is interesting to note the views of Crystal (2004) on grammar and he mentions that it is the psychological system of rules which induces people to form, interpret the words and the sentences of their language. While discussing the importance of grammar, he says:
Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves. The more we are aware of how it works, the more we can monitor the meaning and effectiveness of the way we and others use language. It can help foster precision, detect ambiguity, and exploit the richness of

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