The Importance Of Language In Education

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When I was a secondary school student in China, students were expected to speak English at a certain level of fluency. If I feel that my spoken English skills are not up to par with the standards set by the teacher, then I may be afraid of failure that I decide to forgo speaking in class. Common English teaching methods in China respond to this fear of failure by deemphasizing speech in the classroom. The same fear is also reflected in encounters with foreigners. I think many Chinese people have this problem: if they feel that his or her English is too poor, he or she may not communicate with a native English speaker. Because they will be afraid that they will poorly representing Chinese people as a whole. By rejecting speaking practice, the fear of losing face becomes a vicious cycle, wherein language skills deteriorate with fear, and fear increases with deteriorating capability. I think the negative consequence of this common cycle is what crazy English program wants to eliminate. And I believe that if people can overcome their fears, they would have a more successful language learning experience. I actually found myself gained more confidence when I talked to some English native speakers after that program. So I think this way of teaching does its work and it helped me with my oral English. In China, governments made every effort to replace traditional institutions with modern ones. But the inherited social dynamics still manipulate the classroom and play a role in

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