Listening In Language Teaching Essay

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Listening is one of the four basic language skills which are indispensable for a language speaker. To learn a language, teachers should give enough attention to listening in language teaching so that the learners will be able to cope with the situation which they really meet in life.
Teaching listening is a significant part of English teaching in high school, and the effective listening teaching has great help in achieving the objectives of Chinese English Curriculum, in which the listening has been clearly proposed as one of linguistic skills by Chinese ministry of education. For most Chinese rural students, the classroom is the major place, even the only place, that rural students have the chance to hear English. Many researchers have noticed the importance of the affective factors including anxiety, motivation confidence and so on in classroom (Scovel,1978, Horwitz, 1986, Macintyre and Gardner, 1991). The relation between affect and learning has been proved by second language learning theory that the positive affective factors will accelerate the learning process and improve the effect of learning, while the negative affective factors such as anxiety will impede student’s learning and decrease learning
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And the listening teaching methodology in rural school is more traditional. The previous researches of listening anxiety in rural school are quite rare. Considering the negative effect of anxiety on listening, this paper tries to find out main reasons of anxiety by investigating the situation of English listening anxiety among the students in the rural high school, and then provides some coping strategies. The result might be helpful in improving listening teaching efficiency and language learning quality in rural high school. And this research tries to attract more attentions on language listening anxiety in rural high school which has been overlooked for a long
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