The Importance Of Looking Back In My Life

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Looking back on hard times in our life can bring many overwhelming emotions. These could range anywhere from disappointment to regret to anger to fear to happiness to gratefulness. It can be hard to vary these emotions now from what we felt at the time, but by reaching back into our pasts we can uncover new things that we never knew about ourselves. In the past, I realized that I felt self-conscious about the way I looked and felt. I recently had to go through this process of becoming better by looking back on my past self and evaluating what I had been doing and how I could change for the better. Beginning in about sixth grade, I realized that I felt a little bit too different. I had lots of friends and I loved spending time with them, except for when I did, I felt…show more content…
I have learned so much from this trial in my life. I think the biggest thing that has left an impact on me is that as long as I keep my body healthy, it looks good. One of the other most important things is that I now know how to help my friends who are struggling with the same problems that I did. Being able to support those around me is a major blessing in my life, because after struggling with that, it is nice to be able to help other people accomplish this same task. Now that I have reached a more stable point in my life, looking back on this challenging time brings back some horrid memories, but I need them. Those memories have helped shape me into who I am now. A big part of who I am is a dancer and a workout enthusiast. I wouldn’t love these two things as much if I was not comfortable in my own skin and constantly comparing myself to other people. Although I am mostly healed from the wound that was left on me by my eating disorder, there are many others who are bleeding and suffering still, and my goal is to help them to overcome and grow stronger from
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