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Being the nurses the forefront in the goal of deliver quality of care, and patient-centered care, it is imperative to provide insights and action-planing interventions that can direct the nurses to achieve the highest levels of nursing performance. The nursing sensitive indicators are screening tools that help nurses to structure the level of care, establishing the process of how this care is performed, the appropriate interventions, and expected outcomes of the nursing care provided. The competent and professional use of these screening tools provide a save environment for patient care, and the appropriate interventions needed in each particular case knowing that every patient is unique and require patient-centered care. These nursing …show more content…

The level of patient care in any facility dictates the reputation of the facility in the community, and consequently their financial success. Hospital Data of specific nursing quality indicators could be used in this particular scenario as a background information about the prevalence of pressure ulcers, falls, and restraints use. Using this information and the measures implemented to prevent this events to happened would give the nursing staff the needed elements to place the required appropriate interventions applying evidence based experiences in the care of any particular patient, consequently providing patient centered care. Hospital acquired infections, or pressure wounds are some of the outcomes of the fails in nursing care. It represents failure in hospital policies, procedures, quality of care, and they are followed for medicare and medicaid services, as far as reimbursements sources. In the case of Mr. J. the low level of care is evident, why the facility policies were not followed?. Evidently the nursing staff require more education about the facility policies and procedures. Nurses should have applied the nursing-quality of care indicators for falls risk, Branden pressure risk assessment, restraints protocols and procedures, turn and reposition of patients, and cultural competencies. There is a clear evidence of neglect in patient's care, and believes by the nursing staff and the supervisor. The facility policies and standards of care must be re-valuated, …show more content…

In this situation I would use as referal information the ANA code of ethics, the facility policies and protocols, the facility standard of Nursing practice of care, as well as the facility nursing sensitive indicators of care. As a shift supervisor, I would like to apply a RCA investigation in collaboration with different staff members including dietary, therapy, nursing, social services, and administrators. To be able and identify where the system of care failed, and look for the appropriate interventions. Having all these information on hand, education must be provided to all the nursing staff, to prevent, this situation to happen again. Equally important, I would make a consultation with the wound doctor, as recommended source to assess Mr J skin problems, and place the appropriate nursing care interventions. Furthermore, I would consult Mr. J primary provider about the implemented restrictions, and explain to him/her the reasons that make me think they are not required, based in Mr. J. neurological assessment. In a like manner, I would look for the experienced hospital advice and guidance in the care of the Jewish community. I would apply this information to partneship with the dietary department to find a possible solution to avoid mistakes with special diets. Finally, I would apply the information learned during the BSN program about cultural competencies ( Cherry, 2017) in the patient's plan of

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