Guidelines For A Successful Interview Essay

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The first and the most importatnt step of your new job is to have a successful interview. An interview process is a rather complicated and exciting moment. Going to the interview in the mood of “Now or Never” may cause you unnecessary anxiety, assertiveness and aggressiveness that would alienate the employer. However, you should be prepared for different results of this meeting. The career experts believe that before the interview, candidates have to get acquainted with a potential employer. The ability to gather information about the target company distinguishes good candidates from all the others. Besides visiting the company's website and reading reviews, you can find a press release about the company, contact a person, whose coordinates are given in it, and you can ask…show more content…
Therefore, it must be written correctly and be clear for an interviewer. You have to write about all places related to your education, including courses and trainings. If you have worked in many companies and even in several specialties, it is not necessary to include them all to your resume. You may select only those that will show your knowledge and skills necessary for the work you are applying for. Do not be shy noting at the end of your resume the summary of your personal qualities. It is important to highlight the features of the character that you think will be useful for this work. On the eve before the interview, you need to make a blitz training. Also try to do it prior the interview. You need to do it out loud. You have to list all of your advantages and features and convince yourself that there is no one better than you for this position. This blitz training has two main targets. Firstly, it will help you to collect all the information that you need for the conversation. Secondly, it will help you overcome shyness, insecurity before the meeting. And most importantly, it will help you tune in to

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