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The faculty member I interview was Mary Menninger-Corder, a nursing professor. Mary was born and raised in California. She studied History at Berkeley University, then came to Washburn University in August of 1976. She started studying Nursing because they had an accelerated program for that. She then moved to New York City, and worked at the 1800 Bin hospital for awhile, then she moved back to Topeka, KS to find her job.
My first question I asked was, what got you interested in your field of study? When Mary had worked at the 1800 Bin hospital in New York City , she had decided that she did not want to be a nurse, because there, she was lonely on the totem poll and she was the only one doing most of the work. Back in those days, it was …show more content…

"Grad school is a thousand times easier than undergrad school." Mary had preferred grad school over any other school, because "high school was a waste of time, and grading someone is a waste of time because it creates anxiety, and it doesn't create someone wanting to learn something." Many students who go to grad school automatically find their passion, and become great at what they do, rather than a undergrad school, it takes some students years to find what they love. Her desire is to create someone who is excited about what they are doing. When people find their passion, and what they love, it makes their everyday life …show more content…

It was interesting to know that she had bounced back and forth from so many schools and so many majors. The most interesting thing I found about her was even though she kept moving and kept switching majors, nothing stopped her from achieving her success and graduating from Washburn University. I would like for other students to know that she is the type of person who will never give up on her dreams or obtaining success, and will work through obstacles, even if some of them bring her down. From this experience, I do not regret asking her these questions and taking the time to get with her, but reading the syllabus for this paper would've helped so I wouldn’t have had to gone back and add some

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