The Importance Of The Double V Campaign

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American citizens were appalled to hear the racial prejudice from the National Socialist German Workers’ Party that terrorized the citizens in Europe overseas, and could not believe the horror stories that plagued those that endured their wrath. Fueled by certain propaganda to gain support for the war effort, America was all too eager to step in and end this unjust discrimination against minorities in Europe. While many campaigned for a victory for America during the war, other citizens were trying to push for another victory in their homeland. African Americans noticed the hypocrisy in this mindset and demanded reform when minorities were still facing discrimination in America. Called the Double V campaign, black organizations sought victory over their enemies on the battlefield overboard as well as victory over enemies at home. The Double V campaign started off when James G. Thompson sent a letter to the Pittsburgh Courier that asked why African American soldiers who put their lives in jeopardy by going to war were only considered half-American in their own homeland. The black newspaper spread Thompson’s point by publishing articles calling for government reform in support of African American citizens; arguing that if about two and a half million African Americans were willing to die for their country, they should receive full …show more content…

While many people overlook the importance of the campaign due to the little amount of measurable success that came out of it, it was the start of a much larger civil rights movement. Black people started to have a significant representation in the American workforce and black women began to become social activists and break out of their gender roles. While victory in America was not achieved at that moment in history, it set the precedent for a time where blacks and whites could be seen as

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