The Long Walk To Water By Linda Sue Park

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In south sudan a civil war broke out that shut down refugee camps killed thousands and one of them killed by being tied to a tree and shot. The main character in the long walk to water by Linda Sue Park is a young boy named salva. Salva is a young boy that gets separated from his family and is picked at random to go start a life in the U.S. in his journey for safety he crosses through lion country, fast rivers, and the Akobo desert all with only the support of his uncle. Salva manages to overcome many dangerous animals, dangerous territories, and the lose of many loved ones through his journey to safety. Over the course of salva’s journey he encounters many dangerous animals and still manages to make it out of their deadly reach but his group members aren’t so lucky. One animal that salva has to overcome is the lion, one of the most professional …show more content…

One of the most dangerous areas salva has to push himself through was lion country. This area because of it’s name, there were lion attacks all over this area and only a few lucky people made it out with all the people they went in with or come out at all. After losing one of his friends in this area salva starts to freak out but his uncle tells him that “we will be out of lion country soon”(41). One of the hottest places salva had to go through is the Akobo desert. In this desert the heat was very intense and the people got very dehydrated. In the desert salva started to fall behind the group so salva’s uncle began to set him goals like “can you walk that pile of rocks”(54). Some of the rarest areas salva ran into is the rivers that run through Africa like the Nile river for example. One of the fastest rivers that salva has to cross is the Gilo river. Salva watched as a man tried to cross but “the current takes him swiftly

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