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The Motley Fool investment guide is a helpful guide to anyone who is interested in creating a healthy financial life. The Motley Fool guide provides the reader with different financial situations that can come up as well as how to handle them. The book can help prepare for financial independence because it offers information on how to manage your money, how to save, how to spend, and how to invest. The Motley Fool guide can offer help to teens who want to learn how to be financially independent by starting young and with as little as what they have. The Authors, David and Tom Gardner, brothers and cofounders of the financial-services company the Motley Fool, attempt to set up a book that can help teens take control of their financial future. With their abundance of knowledge of investing they founded the Motley Fool and wrote The Motley Fool investment guide for teens. The …show more content…

The authors break down the different topics and instruct teens on how to apply the topics to their financial life. The author advises young adults on how to stay away from financial troubles. Many of the financial troubles are elaborated by simply informing the reader and are supported with many examples. The examples serve to help the reader understand how to apply these concepts to the real world. The book also signs light on debt and payments on interest. These help the reader understand that while there are many ways to earn money there are also just as many ways of going into debt. The book shows many different ways of avoiding debt and being smart with your money. In addition to debt, the book talks about credit cards and the debt related with them. The authors write about the dangers of credit cards and the schemes of credit card companies. Reading about credit card companies and their schemes helps the reader think carefully and evaluate their plans before getting credit

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