200 School Shootings

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Since the mass shooting at a school in Sandy Hook in 2012, more than four hundred innocent people have been killed in more than 200 school shootings. Insane right? Sadly, gun violence has been a common occurrence for the past number of years, yet there are still no specific gun laws in the United States. Society expects excellence and perfection from every child growing up in today’s generation. The pressure can be too much for some, breaking them down, leading to awful events. We are ignoring the people that need attention the most when we should be focusing on improving their personal well-being. We all have bad days, some more than others. We live in a society that tends to ignore other people’s problems; everyone solely looks out for themselves. We are all human, when we see another in pain it is our job to ease that pain and help them out. Unfortunately, some don’t receive that help early enough. Being neglected and not receiving support from parents damages children in ways that can stick with them …show more content…

You can’t just wait it out or take a pill to make everything go away” (Ravenscraft). The brain is the most complex organ in the body, making recovery from mental health much harder than it may seem. There is no specific cure for mental illness, however there are ways to manage the symptoms and live a fulfilling life. To get to this, treatments needs to be done by psychiatrists. Unfortunately, there are a shortage of psychiatrists worldwide and the wait lists to see one of these professionals can be tremendously long. Job availability in the mental health field has to become more accessible in every location in order to help satisfy the needs of the population. As Petrowski states in his article “The Seven Minute Life of Marc Lépine”, “...Inside every aggressor, every villain, there hides a victim”. We need to help the victims before it’s too late and they make a mistake they will regret for the rest of their

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