Argumentative Essay: The Death Of Sandy Hook Elementary School

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Barging through the door, a 20-year old man enters Sandy Hook Elementary School. (Source G) Running through the empty halls, he is suddenly confronted by staff. The young man shoots two adults and without a second glance, runs to a classroom full of six and seven year old kids. Ignoring the colorful paintings on the walls, and without looking into the eyes of the terrified children, he kills the teacher, and then proceeds to shoot 14 children. He moves on to another classroom, killing 6 more children, as well as another teacher and their aids. This rampage, that brutally resulted in the deaths of 20 young children and 6 adults lasted 11 minutes, and ended with the killer taking his own life. Imagine what the families of these people had to go through. Imagine …show more content…

In 2007, a total of 3,042 kids and teens died because of guns, and another 17,523 were injured!(Source B) [logos] [exclamation] Just think about all the young lives that were lost and how many families were broken. Many people were hindered by these bullets, and even if they weren’t, the tragic event stays within them forever. And just imagine this amount of death in your own community: if you add together all the students that attend the Los Altos School District, this includes all seven elementary schools as well as Egan and Blach, and the students from Los Altos High School and Mountain View High School, that is just half of the kids who were injured from bullet wounds in one year. Take the students at Los Altos and Mountain View High Schools alone, that is slightly more than how many people were killed in the same year. [pathos] This amount of deaths is absolutely horrifying, and something needs to be done to prevent the murders of these innocent lives. Guns should never be abused the way they are today, and the death toll cannot continue to

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