The Pros And Cons Of Honor Roll

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What does being on the Honor Roll have to do with one’s athletic ability? It really should not have anything to do with your athleticism. Typically, student athletes hardly ever worry about being on the Honor Roll. Majority of student athletes feel that they are okay with just passing. Even though being on the Honor Roll as a student athlete could increase your chances of becoming successful in the sports industry, student athletes should not have to make the Honor Roll to play because not every student, whether athlete or not, can make the Honor Roll and academic ability does not reflect your athletic ability. Student athletes who are passionate about playing sports usually have dreams, goals, or milestones set for after their high school life. Their goal is not to only attend sports in high school, but also in college or in the pros. Why do you think athletes work so hard? They push themselves to the limit physically to be the best they can be. Why input this Honor …show more content…

Not every student, whether athlete or not, can make the Honor Roll. Different people have different abilities. Some excel in academics, while some excel in athletics. Some just tend to find things harder and less understandable than others. It’s really a natural occurrence. You would, more than likely, never see everyone excel in the same thing. If his Honor Roll rule is introduced, it would be unfair. Introducing this rule would be a stress factor. Some athletes are struggling to even keep a spot on the team. This rule will just increase chances of being cut from a team. The last thing a student athlete could have is being excluded from a team or suspended for a game or so because they can not achieve an A and B grade point average. Rising grade expectations will essentially lower confidence. Different emotions will be developed. Some would not feel like they 're smart enough. Some might feel as if they are left

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