The Pros And Cons Of Police Body Cameras

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Police Body Cameras When I consider the police I think of how they protect people and our city. Some people assume that cops are just trash and they hate them. The topic of police body cameras sounded like a good idea to me because many people are always filming cops at their worst. When they happen to be beating up on someone, but notice it is always only after the police “agonized” the person then the camera turns off. It never shows how this individual may have been acting towards the officers. It is all about how the world sees things. If many police departments got body cameras, then there would be fewer stunts pulled, in my opinion. Why would the individual want them acting like a fool on camera? They would be less likely to harass the police and more likely to listen because now the police have a way to back up their story. Police need body cameras to stop the public from violence towards them, even though the police…show more content…
What people do not understand is that sometimes the victim is actually the one causing the problems. In certain situations police body cameras are very helpful and affective. “Since the pilot program started in 2014, complaints have dropped by 40.5 percent and the use of "personal body" force by officers fell 46.5 percent. Officer's use of pepper spray was reduced by 30.5 percent, according to a report released by the Police Department for the City Council's Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee” (Prall 1). If this trend continues it is less likely for police to be viewed in the public eye as the wrong doers. If an individual knows that the police officer is wearing the camera they are less likely to do something ignorant in order to escape getting in trouble. Even though the body cameras are not on most of the police force, I personally believe the thought of them wearing it will make citizens act more
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