The Pros And Cons Of The IIFYM Diet

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The term “diet” is typically defined as a special program, usually involving food, in which someone restricts themselves in order to lose weight, or for medical reasons. However, the If It Fits Your Marcos (IIFYM) diet does not require such principals. The general idea of the IIFYM diet is that if you eat fewer calories than your body requires, while maintaining adequate nutrition and energy needs, then you will lose weight at a steady rate. A “macro” is a contraction of “macronutrient” which consists of any nutritional components of a diet required in large amounts; such as, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and minerals calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. The diet is flexible in the sense that you can eat whatever foods you want to reach the proper amounts of those nutrients, as long as it doesn’t exceed your calorie/ nutritional goals.
IIFYM was implemented amongst bodybuilders who were eager to venture away from bland, tasteless foods that had been consumed in the traditional bodybuilders’’ diets for decades. Theses “clean” foods …show more content…

The diet requires a large consumption of carbs and protein so it is typical for bodybuilders and wrestlers to comply with IIFYM; however, all athletes could follow IIFYM. The key concepts to remember are, knowing how many calories your body burns in an average day (TDEE), eating 10-20% less calories than your TDEE, and splitting the calories between carbs, protein, and fats in a way that encourages fat loss with no loss of daily energy. However, the IIFYM diet does not take heart or brain health into consideration. The casual effect of flexible eating foods such as fast foods could potentially cause health risks for your body. The key to IIFYM is to maintain a flexible diet and obtain a full range of vitamins and minerals from a wide range of foods, and not focusing primarily on “dirty”

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