Pros And Cons Of Kidney Transplants

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What is a transplant?
Transplants occur when you have a big disease in one or more parts of your body (organs, tissues, parts from legs, etc…) and that makes that the part that is bad is not capable of doing it functions, so it is taken the damaged organ off of your body and it is replace by a new organ that in this case can do their functions.
What is a kidney transplant?
A kidney transplant is done when the kidney of a patient start to go worse and finally it becomes into a big renal disease so there is necessary to be a transplant so the patient continues living and can continue with his life in normal conditions.
When was discovered and when it was done for first time?
The first kidney transplant surgery was done in 1954 by doctors Joseph Murray and Peter Bent at Boston hospital. At this first transplant two brothers Richard and Ronald Herrick. Richard was dying because of a kidney disease so his twin Ronald donated one of his two kidneys, because they were twins and they had the same type of organs …show more content…

We need to know that kidney transplant is one of the most safe transplants but looking at that risks we also can see that the things that can go bad are a lot but we need to think that in year there are a lot of kidney transplants that go well so the best thing is to try for it.
How much costs a kidney transplant?
The kidney transplant costs in Spain 39000 euros and is the cheaper transplant in all the country. But at United States because of all the people that have to wait until they have their new kidney there are like creating a market but not a black market because a Nobel winner said two months ago that it would be a good idea to do

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