The Pros And Cons Of Trump's Budget Cuts

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There has been a new budget that has ruined several agencies because there is not enough funding with Trump now in office. Within these agencies lies the education department; low-income students will be affected by Trump’s budget cuts. Hence, there will be a cutback on tutoring, books, and counseling these students are entitled to, which will lead to struggling as students would attempt to reach their goals.
Regardless, the president should not make the education department cut back on their activities because this will lead to less educated students, more dropouts, and a greater gap between low and high income people. They are cutting off agencies’ budgets, which are needed for a society to function properly. According to Swaby, “Trump 's preliminary budget eliminates funding for 19 other agencies, and cuts funding from many
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Taking away E.P.A., State Department, Agriculture, and Education will mostly affect low and middle income people because they will not have sufficient money to get health care and food for their families. In addition, education is necessary for children to get a degree and a job. As of now, certain schools lack certain commodities; their food is not in good quality, and the arts department has less of a budget compared to higher departments such as math or sports. When students are not educated enough, they tend to get the idea that dropping out of school is the best option. They are wrong; without education people tend to be not well informed about current events. Another effect for budget cuts is that the amount of help students will receive will decrease just as Swaby states, “The funding cuts might not slash those programs
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