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Technology companies and scientists have a long believe that virtual reality will give rise to the next generation of personal computing, and change our way of lives forever.

The latest problem encountered by the VR scientists is that high end headsets require extremely powerful computer to run the program, the computer will maintain in high working pressure for very long time, and also that it is painful to set up the VR system. Hence the VR enthusiasts feel that the cost is too high for them to use VR in gaming or videoing. Through the developing of VR technology, the scientists and developer finally came out with the solution. A solution called “inside-out tracking,” which uses sensors built inside the VR headsets instead of using outside
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Buy+ allows customers to enter a virtual mall instead of the physical structure. It is like playing a video game, the different thing is just that the customers can make real time purchases, through the system called ‘ Alipay’. It is as simple as navigating a virtual interface, so there is no need for user to remove the headset until they done with their shopping. Besides benefiting the customers it also allows brands that do not have physical shops in certain market to develop their business to a wider audience. Buy+ was launched during the annual Singles day shopping festival (11/11). It is also part of Alibaba’s effort to combine the latest VR technology to shopping system.
The highest resolution of VR headset for now is 8K lunched by Pimax. The headset is set to be the most graphically advanced headset on available on the market. The 8K VR headset allows its users to become a part of the visual world and to interact with everything you see in the ‘world’. However due to its high resolution it also requires powerful computer hardware to run the programme. The technical specifications for the new headset
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The last news I want to share is that people can now browse the web in VR using Google chrome. The Google chrome 61 has been released that daydream VR users can browse websites using their headsets to experience WebVR. Chrome team member introduced that “…this allows users to view and interact with any website in VR, follow links between pages, and move between 2D and immersive viewing for sites that support WebVR.

After the research I found that VR has entered our life officially and I am sure that it will play an important role in the future. VR technology is developing so fast today and more and more functions are being discovered and invented, this is the evidence that technology has changed our

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