The Pros And Cons Of Virtual Schooling

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Technology has been a great help to humans, not only to minimize the human activity, but also to minimize the ill affects o the societal day-to-day functions. Technology has greatly boosted human’s ability to withstand calamities, and to find new ways to find solutions to some major issues that keep bothering use in our day-to-day life. In education field, interactive programming teaching with computers and graphics has greatly changed the way students are taught. Even the most difficult courses were made easier to learn, that too in the shortest possible time. Schooling is important, in that, quality schooling is seen as a very crucial phase in everybody’s life. Parents have realized that as the benefits of classical education brought in revolutionary change in the economic status of the families. Public schooling involves the students attending classes at one place to which students have to travel, while other comes the Virtual schooling. It involves using of electronic gadgets as a medium for schooling virtually. Virtual schooling is the catchword in education that is now being debated everywhere since the beginning of 21st Century. Since the times have been blessed with better technology, powerful computers, and affordability, virtual schooling is poised to become a viable alternative to the public schooling in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a 400-year-old city, initially constructed for a population of 10,000. 400 years later, the same infrastructure exists. But,

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