The Pros And Cons Of Zoos: Internment Camps

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Zoos are Internment Camps Many cruel things happen in zoos. An article from CBS News states that earlier this year in the UK, three Timber Wolves were shot dead by zookeepers because they escaped the zoo. The zookeepers could’ve figured out a safe way to spare those wolves. Zoos are internment camps for animals and need to be shut down. Zoos treat animals poorly, care more about profit, and rob them from having normal lives. First, zoos treat their animals very poorly and are cruel to them. For example, an article from ABC News.go talks about a sloth bear at the Toledo Zoo that died of dehydration because zoo officials thought she was pregnant. They denied food and water for weeks. The zoo animals have to live in tiny, filthy, and barren enclosures. This makes lots of zoo animals suffer with a problem called zoochosis. Zoochosis makes them go crazy and do weird behavior because of abuse or horrible living spaces. Onegreenplanet.org states that a polar bear named Gus was forced into a zoo enclosure that was .00009 percent of the size that his natural habitat would be, and was alone. He got Zoochosis and had to have $25,000 worth of …show more content…

An article from peta.org says, “Study after study, including by the zoo industry itself, has shown that most zoo visitors simply wander around the ground, pausing briefly in front of some displays, and spend most their time on snacks or bathroom breaks.” It also says, “One study of visitors in the National Zoo in Washington D.C., showed that visitors spent less than eight seconds per snake exhibit and only one minute with the lions.” If you do learn something from looking at the zoo animals, it’s most likely incorrect information because you are looking at animals that live in different places and have different behaviors than they normally would in the wild. Zoos are not actually very educational for

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