The Pros Of Benefits In Joining The Military

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Benefits in Joining Military
Some people think that joining the military endangers the life and safety of the new servicemen due to exposure in war zones and battlegrounds when they are deployed overseas in cases of wars and military conflicts. This issue began after the second world war and again after the Vietnam war and most currently after the 2 Iraq wars. The above previous wars resulted in so many horrible deaths, casualties and injuries that destroyed the lives of so many families and left a big scar in the societies’ psyche just because of the devastation of peoples’ lives in general. The tragedies they saw and hear on television, radio, magazines, and internet media are so heartbreaking, painful, and traumatic that is planted permanently
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These are the programs available for the taking of any active soldier or veteran as well which they can use to the maximum until their dream is achieved.
Everyone joins the military for different reasons. Some will join because of economics and lack of opportunity to go to college on their own because of financial burden. Joining the military will open the opportunity of enrolling in college during or after 4 years of duty, Others joins because of job security and financial stability. In the military, they can earn their pay and enjoy all kinds of free incentives like free housing, free food and supplies, free utilities and lots more of benefits like being
Able to shop very cheap at any military commissary (shopping store-grocery) anywhere around the world. The basic pay scale is not huge But considering all the fringe benefits, anyone thats frugal can save a lot of money. Others would join for the opportunity to travel around the world for free. Some also joins with the motivation to serve the country and they are proud to be a
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