The Role Of Greed In The Music Industry

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Many believe music artists produce tons of money and are billionaires because of their songs. What if I told you that isn 't true. The music industry has been altered since programs like Spotify and Pandora have arrived. You can pay a monthly due to these companies and basically listen to whatever music you want anytime and anywhere. My question is, what happened to the joy of receiving iTunes gift cards and buying CD 's? Where are pop stars obtaining their money from if their songs can be so deftly accessed?

Currently it 's a sticky situation on how these artists manage their career. I think that it should go back to physically buying music like CDs at a store or at least purchasing the song you need. According to the article Changing Landscape of the Music Industry "a signed solo artist would need about 5,478 iTunes downloads of a song per month versus 4,200,000 YouTube streams per month just to make the U.S. minimum wage." Thats the reason why if you have ever noticed Taylor Swift is not on Spotify. She didn 't believe it was right because it 's basically cheating musicians and their work. I feel like this is just another career America is losing, artists and their music should be valued and …show more content…

On the other hand, some artists aren 't all about the money. By being on these advertising radios like Spotify, they can get their name out there and become well known. Many musicians have become popular and famous by rising their way up on the top hits Spotify chart. I know that I have discovered many great songs and artists from Spotify. But advertising is still only one aspect, what will happen when one is already established for fame and doesn 't need the

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