The Role Of Hillary Potter In Battle Cries

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What are Battle Cries about?
“Battle Cries” is a term usually to determine the soldier's fight with their enemies. The author, Hillary Potter, used the term “Battle Cries” to describe that when Black women are facing the intimate partner abuse just like the soldiers against the hostile forces. In addition, “Battle Cries” is also a symbolic attitude that represents the African American Women are living in a helpless society and have limited resources to survive.
How was the study performed? In this book, Hillary Potter used the intensive interview with 40 African American women who is living or have been through the domestic violence or intimate partner abuse before. They shared their experience and stories of abuse, obstruction, and triumph to inform the general society how they facing the abusive life. …show more content…

The theoretical perspective for Hillary Potter in Battle Cries is calling the “Black feminist criminology”. Black feminist criminology is an extension of feminist criminology and racial-feminist criminology theories. It specifically discussed the issue in several aspects which include crime, deviance, violence and the criminal justice system for people with colors. The four themes that Black feminist criminology has delivered apprehension incorporate social structural oppression, the black community and culture, intimate and familial relations and the Black woman as individual that Hillary Potter will be mainly discussed in the

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