The Similarities Between New England And Puritan Society

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The New England colonies were made with the aspiration to escape commotion and disorder of England, with their sights set to found a formal, clean, Puritan society. Their society was strict conformity, fines were issued for breaking Sabbath by smoking or even stopping by to see friends. Strict dress codes were given, including a ban on wearing flashy ceremonious clothing to your own wedding and a ban was put on all games, such as: cards and dice. The land was distributed between wealthy families and the government was considered to be ruled by the people, well, the men; considering they were the only people allowed to vote. This was called a self government and was managed primarily by the male church members. Other men worked on subsidized farms, considering the rocky land wasn't useful for anything more than that. So their main exports that helped their economy was furs, lumber, and fish. Women were prohibited from working or even having their own churches. …show more content…

The main river and the land around it that made its course of through New York was given to wealthy stockholders, who brought fifty families over. The middle colonies were roughly made up of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Unlike the Puritan self government in New England, the council had almost all the power to originate the laws, and the people often failed when it came to amend them. Pennsylvania had amazing diversity and the middle colonies became known as the bread basket of the rest of the colonies. This is

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