Theories Of Professional Supervision

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The professional supervision is something where workers are provided with the responsibility from the Organisation to work with each other in meeting up certain personal, professional and Organisational objectives. The aim of supervision is for the workers and employers to get along and conduct face to face meeting in order to evaluate and reflect effective progress within their work practice. While undertaking supervision, it is necessary to explain the total workload of each and every employee, highlight competences, training needs and skills. This gives the chance for discussing any conflicts which the individual might face with other colleague, service user and the way the project is taken under consideration, along with freely allowing …show more content…

It also guarantees that procedural, practice standards, legislative and policy are encountered and employees are well developed, monitored and supported mainly in service delivery role. Supervision offers a platform to staff in order to reflect on the process, progress and content of their work (Kadushin & Harkness, 2014).

1.2 Describe And Compare Models And Theories Of Professional Supervision
The theories and practices of supervision started developing as soon as counsellors were able to train other social workers as well. Various diverse theoretical models are developed for supporting and clarifying counselling supervision. The supervision model presented by Davys and Beddoes (2010) reflects on the development and management and uses triangle for each point to have a supervisor role, this includes:
• Handling service delivery
• Organisation procedures, protocols and policies
• Quantity and quality of work priorities and …show more content…

It is basically a chance to review and discuss the issues and analyse how they can be resolved according to the working practice, procedures. From covering such areas of supervision, it will surely guarantee that training is done according to the need and that their main aim will be to protect the rights of each individual.
The Supervisor
From covering various areas within the supervision, the supervisor needs to show confidence that they are capable enough for developing and supporting the staff to perform their best and be able to address any problems that might take place within the timeframe for ensuring that they are secured from putting in place the right procedure as well as having a record of

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