There Will Be Blood Symbolism

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There Will Be Blood was released on December 26, 2007. Paul Thomas Anderson is the director and screenwriter of the movie. The film documents the experiences of oil entrepreneur Daniel Plainview, Daniel comes across several problems and obstacles in his pursuit of oil and financial success, including personal injury, corporate rivalry, and conflict with religion, which is one of the main points of the film.
Daniel Plainview is a very wealthy man who struggles with religion and has only one thing on his mind- finding oil. Actor Daniel Day- Lewis’ role of Daniel Plainview is immaculate, his character has been described as “a great oversized monster who hates all men, therefore himself.” On the other end there is Eli Sunday, a preacher and inhabitant of the land that Daniel eventually buys to develop and drill for oil. The time or location is not specifically said in the movie, however the props and sets give it away. A lot of time is passed through such a short movie, you see Daniel’s son, H.W. as a little boy to an adult. In There Will Be Blood, symbolism is used alot to show conflict between Daniel and Eli. The eery music in
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While Daniel was trying to persuade investors into buying their land to drill for oil, he says he is a “family man” and his son is his only motivation for life. Later on when his adopted son H.W. goes deaf after being hit by a geyser and attempts to burn down their house out of frustration, Daniel sends him away instead of taking care of the child himself. He later on disowns H.W. when he is grown up and moves to Mexico to start his own oil company. Daniel Plainview, being a static character, is mainly to put out to be a wealthy oil man who cares for nothing more than money and his oil
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