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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION The Problem and Its Background For today’s generation, everything is influenced by technology. With the help of technology, teachers can now transmit information in an easier and more engaging way. With the aid of internet, students are able to do their works in school. Multimedia instruction consists of instructional messages that contain words (such as printed or spoken text) and pictures (such as illustrations, diagrams, photos, animation, or video). The rationale for multimedia instruction is that people can learn more deeply from words and pictures than from words alone (Mayer R.E., 2014). Multimedia instruction is timely, since we are now applying the 21st century education, teachers can now reach the interest of…show more content…
Nibaliw East, San Fabian, Pangasinan. As the years gone by; the advent of technology and the innovation for learning has led many schools unto developing strategies and methods for effective learning. In line with this, SFNHS is now on this process of increasing the following facilities used for multimedia instruction such as; computer laboratories, LED monitors, projectors and speakers. According to Wiest (2008), “Multimedia can be powerful aids to mathematics teaching and learning. Changes brought about by the availability of these tools and the demands of an increasingly technological society impact curricular content and pedagogy in mathematics education as well as the very nature of mathematical thinking and…show more content…
Based on the gathered information, teachers are not adept in using multimedia instruction due to lack of multimedia devices in the classroom. Also, that due to lack of multimedia devices, only few students learn based on their learning styles. Moreover, because of these circumstances, most of the students have low mathematical performance. Between the three (3) stated problems in gap analysis (See Appendix AB), the researchers consider the problem having a low mathematical performance as the gap, which is most doable, most urgent, most relevant and the most important (See Appendix AC). According to Patena & Dinglasan (2013), the low understanding level accompanied by discouraging achievements of the students in Mathematics has become a cause of great concern of our country and has bothered badly the educationists. In line with this, poor school performance not only results in the child having a low self-esteem, but also causes significant stress to the parents (Karande and Kulkarni, 2005). Moreover, immediate actions must be taken into account before the school year

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