Thirteen Colonies Similarities

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The Thirteen Colonies were something that defeated Britain in the revolutionary war and became the USA, but what caused them to come together? Their similarities of course. Although their differences outway their similarities, it was just enough for them to declare independence. Furthermore, The Thirteen Colonies were alike and different. They had some things in common, like their government and language. But they also had differences, like their social coventions and the type of people.

One of the many similarities is that the colonies all have a government. This is evident since they all settled governments by 1760. All of the governments had a well-established citizenry, and a degree of economic strength. By the way, they also had a governing …show more content…

To explain why this happen, different items from the world have to passed through Britain’s mercantile system. These goods become available throughout the colonies. Due to this, it shows the similarities between the colonies.

However, despite these similarities, there was also differences between the Thirteen Colonies. One of these differences is the type of people in the colonies. This is evident since the New England Colonies had Puritans, the Middle Colonies had a diverse of people, and the Southern Colonies had farmers. Due to this it shows the differences between the Thirteen Colonies.
Another difference between the colonies is that they were in different regions. There were three regions. They were the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies. Because of this, it shows the differences between the colonies.

An additional difference between the colonies is that they each had its own social conventions. Moreover, this is evident due to them also having different view about religious tolerations as well. Not to mention, the colonies regarded the others with curiosity and occasionally disdain. Due to this, this shows the difference between the

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