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Tim Tebow was more than just an athlete. He was Christian, and showed it on the field. He led Florida to two national championships, won the Heisman, and was chosen first round pick for the broncos and helped them get their first playoff win since 2005. Through being traded to the jets, becoming third-string for the eagles, and now playing minor league baseball, he has remained one man. A hero.

Tim Tebow was born in the Philippines, in 1987. His dad was a Christian, and was on a mission preaching in the Philippines, and that was when Tim was born. His father had prayed he would become devoted to God, and that was what happened to Tim. TIm returned to the United States when he was three, but later returned on a mission trip to the Philippines when he was fifteen. Tim has always been a devoted Christian, and often gives credit to God for making Tim a great athlete, and a person. Like I said earlier, Tim Tebow is more than just an athlete. …show more content…

At Florida, he ran for 2947 yards, and 57 touchdowns, one of the most impressive records in the SEC. He also passed for 9285 yards, very impressive for a running quarterback. He won the Heisman trophy, and won two national championships. In the NFL, he was selected in the first round by the Denver Broncos. The Broncos had been struggling without a great quarterback. Really the last time they had a good quarterback was back in the 90’s with John Elway. Tim changed this. He brought the Broncos back to the playoffs, where he led them to a playoff win, the first post-season win since 2005. Then, a drastic change happened in Tim’s career, and this is where it started to fall

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