To Kill A Mockingbird: Foreign Language

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Imagine everyone around you speaking a foreign language of which you only know a few words. This is what Caitlin Smith feels every day, but that foreign language is other people’s emotions. I read the book Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine. The main character Caitlin has Asperger 's syndrome, a disorder which can make it hard for people to understand social situations. Her older brother Devon helped her cope with her disorder, teaching her how to act in social situations and how to differentiate other people’s expressions. But when Devon is killed in a school shooting, Caitlin 's world is turned upside down. She struggles even more in her social interactions, not even being able to understand her own feelings about Devon’s death. This …show more content…

Special needs people should be treated with courtesy and appreciation. Nobody should be excluded or discriminated against because of a disability. After Caitlin made friends with Michael and Josh, there was a beautiful moment at the end of the book where she drew a picture and used lots of colors. Up until then she had always just done it in black and white. She was not able until people began showing that they loved and cared about her. We all need somebody who believes in us. Mrs. Oaster’s classroom also enforced the message of including special needs people. We all are unique and work best in individual ways, whether that is in Mrs. Oaster’s room or in a more traditional classroom. Having a disability is not a bad thing. It makes those who have them stronger. I can’t even think that someone would pass up talking to or being friends with somebody just because they have special needs. Think of if I did that! I would miss the amazing opportunity to be so close with everyone in Connections. Everyone deserves to feel loved and accepted, and that without a doubt includes people with special

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