Traditional Media Essay

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Traditional media, which pay a lot of contribution to our daily life, is a useful tool for us when we were child. We use the traditional media to share the information, to have an advertisement and even learning. Thus, this is a fantastic partner to each one. However, we had changed a lot of our character. In the recent decade, social media had risen rapidly and we most move our footsteps to the social media. As we know, people must make progress otherwise will be eliminating by the society. Thus, the raise of social media that I think is a good idea. However, I also believe it is just a good idea and it will not be a good tool compare with traditional media. Because that although the growth of social media is rapid nowadays, social media will…show more content…
There are many news that were spreading all around the world, we can thought if most of the news were becoming fake, that how do we separate the true news and wrong news .So truth is the most important principle of news. According to the researches, they show the result that young adults feel most informed with traditional media, from Jessica M. (Martinez, 2015). There are many people reading the newspaper and using other traditional media although they had seen the news in social media, such as Facebook, twitter etc. There is 67% of the respondents surveyed feel "very informed" when they get their news through newspapers. And 56% of the respondents surveyed feel informed from website of traditional media. That means people who were interviewed in research express that the information of the same news between traditional media and social media has a big difference and traditional media has more detail, clear and more credible than social media. One that show why traditional media is credible; there is a team to confirm the news’ credibility, so the truth of news has been ensured, from Kohli-Khandekar (2014). So traditional media are more trustworthy than the social media, also traditional media can’t be replaced because it has little ethical
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