Effectiveness Of Employee Training

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The objective of the project is to understand and observe Training Need Assessment and the forking of its various methodologies.
“To Study the Effectiveness of Employees Training & Development Program”. The prime objective of research is to study the changes in skill, attitude, knowledge, behavior of Employees after Training program. It also studies the effectiveness of Training on both Individual and Organizational levels. Due to this research we are able to absorb current trends related to whole academic knowledge and its practical use. Such research is exposed us to set familiar with professional environment, working culture, behavior, oral communication & manners. Since the training is a result oriented process
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Person analysis focuses on identifying whether there is evidence that training is the solution, who need training, and whether the employees have the prerequisite skis, attitude and beliefs needed to ensure they master the contents of the training program. Because performance problems are one of the major reasons that companies consider training for employees, it is important to investigate how persona characteristics, input, output, consequences, and feedback relate to performance and earning. Managers and trainers need to determine if performance problems can be solved using training.
Training is likely the best solution to a performance problem if employees don 't know how to perform. Ifemployees have not received feedback about their performance‚ if they lack the equipment needed to perform the job, if the consequences for good performance are negative, or if they are unaware of the expected standard for performance, then training is not likely to be the best
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 Company - manual/Handbook.

External sources are the sources outside the organization
 Books
 Internet
Structured questionnaire was prepared. This questionnaire was designed to meet the research objection.

LIMIITATIONS OF THE STUDY: During the course of the study, there were certain limitation, which are enumerated as below.
 Researcher may collect insufficient data for this research work because of limited span of implant training programme and vast topic of research

 The frequency of communication and meetings between the employer and employee is not satisfactory.
 There is lot of scope provided to every employee to increase their soft skills due to training.
 Timely training is provided to the employees, which helps in avoiding delay in work.
 Trainers at APL are highly qualified and experienced.
 Personal Analysis is the key analysis for training need assessment.
 Most of the employees know the actual benefit of training that 's why they perceive training as reward and opportunity.
 The overall Training programmes in APL is satisfactory.

 Training programs, Meetings, seminars and conferences should be done on the regular basis so as to improve

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