Transformational Leadership In 'Nursing Care' By Heller And Harrison

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Several leadership theories have been addressed in "The Application of Management and Leadership Theory to Healthcare" by Heller and Harrison (2021). In view of the dynamic and intricate character of the health industry, I believe the transformational leadership theory to be the most reliable of them. As a leader or manager in the healthcare sector, it is essential to be aware of the theory's limits and carefully assess how it might apply.
According to the principle of transformational leadership, a leader should be able to encourage and inspire their followers to reach their full potential and go beyond what they had anticipated. This idea is in line with the needs of the healthcare industry, which calls for managers who are able to guide their employees through difficult situations and motivate them to deliver excellent patient care. Leaders that can adapt, innovate, and promote good change are needed in the healthcare industry due to its dynamic nature and the fast changing technologies, regulations, and patient needs. A compelling vision may be communicated by transformational leaders to their teams, inspiring a sense of dedication and engagement. They are also noted for their charm and visionary thinking. …show more content…

One drawback is the potential for excessive reliance on the boss. It's important to make sure that leadership is dispersed across the team and that everyone has the chance to share their special knowledge and perspectives because teamwork and collaboration are essential in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, there might be a lot of demands placed on transformational leaders, and not all leaders will necessarily have the traits and abilities needed to successfully exemplify this model. Any leadership theory that is put into reality must take the setting, company culture, and individual skills into

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